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[08 Dec 2008|01:31am]
i can't explain how hurt i am right now.
like a billion knives just stabbed me.
over and over and over again.
just seeing it there.
it automatically made my eyes fill up with water
and my whole body begin to tremble and shake.
i just glanced at it. just glanced.
and it turned my entire day upside down.
made my stomach feel like it was in my feet.
every muscle just twisted and cringed.
and then the crying and shaking began.
i got up and just ran into jessica's room.
and stood there shaking and crying.
and there is nothing i can do about it.
nothing at all.

i honestly did not expect this from you.
i can't believe you would do this to me.
i just don't understand why.

yours for the taking.

[22 Oct 2008|05:00pm]
hello world.
2008 has gone by fast.
we are already half way through october.

yours for the taking.

[03 Jun 2008|08:33pm]
so.. i really don't know what to do.
go back to tampa and just get over the fact that i can't do fahrenheit.
or stay home for a semester then transfer to orlando. (in which, i can do fahrenheit)
so it basically boils down to which is more important to me: fahrenheit or tampa.
and i honestly think in the long run, it is fahrenheit.
my biggest pros for going back to tampa is for the people there. (cory, jessica, anne, alisha, kayla, etc.)
but that's basically all there is in tampa.
i'm not in love with tampa. i don't feel at home in tampa.
then on the other hand, i have stuff in storage there.
i know where everything is.
i'm already set in stone there. apartment included.
with staying home then going to orlando...
i have beth and darcy at home to car pool to fahrenheit.
and when i'm in orlando... practice is right there.
and staying home, means i can help out with the guard here, and possibly be the instructor for marching season.
plus i would be saving money for a whole semester.
i wouldn't be behind as far as classes go, because i can take classes at IRC(C).
and i'm not sure on if i'm going to love orlando.... but it's always good to try new things... right?

so yeah.. i have no idea.
stay in tampa where cory, jessica, etc are.
or stay home for a semester, save money, then go to orlando.
tampa= no fahrenheit. and i'd have to do usf's guard. which everyone knows... usf hatesss fahrenheit
home/orlando= fahrenheit.
i am stuckkkkkkkkk. help.

if anyone has any advice or anything... please let me know.
2 Image hosting by TinyPic yours for the taking.

[16 May 2008|01:11am]
don't tell me you want change and then do nothing about it.
if you need me. you can come find me.
i'm seriously over this.
yours for the taking.

[01 May 2008|06:41pm]
palm city.
see you tomorrow.
yours for the taking.

[04 Mar 2008|12:38pm]
r.i.p. jared michael blue.

thursday morning at 11am is his viewing
thursday at 1pm is his service
at the church on kanner highway (big steeple, across from big cemetery)

also, keep praying for seth.
he went in for his hip surgery this morning.
he shattered his shoulder, hand, hip, and ankle.
also dislocated his other hip and ruptured his spleen.
yours for the taking.

[14 Feb 2008|05:20pm]
fahrenheit (i know it's spelt wrong, but that's how they spell it) is amazing.
nashville regional this weekend.
wish us luck!!!

happy valentine's day! ♥

r.i.p. aunt tinker! 2/14/08
yours for the taking.

[15 Jan 2008|01:39pm]
spring 2008 is going good so far.
my classes aren't too bad, some of my teachers are a bit ehhhh.
my schedule is pretty exciting
    nothing on friday
    done by 5 mon & wed
    done by 12:30 tues
    thurs is kinda lame.. first class starts at 9 and last one ends at 9.
but i'm ok with it.
i have a new roommate, she brought a new couch in for the living room.
it's comfy. yepp.
i need to do laundry.

yours for the taking.

[02 Jan 2008|06:09pm]
happy new year.
yours for the taking.

[31 Dec 2007|05:18am]
you cannot blame me for how you live.
you started this a week or so into it.
so don't blame me.
i know i've done some shitty things to you, but i have been honest with you.
we've sat down and talked about this countless amounts of times.
and yet, you lied to me every time we talked. every time.
first about shayna and now about this samantha girl.
how fucking dick, i'm sorry... but it is.
you have wanted my trust for what? so you could lie to me again?
you wonder why i didn't trust you after shayna...
this is why.
because you go have sex with this girl and keep it from me.
tell me, did you just like the satisfaction of knowing you were lying to me every time we talked about how many girls and everything?
is that why???
you can't hide stuff like this from people, especially in a town this small.
you had to of know, it would have gotten back to me.
i'm glad i had the chance to hear this from you because it was what??? five, six months ago.
no, i have to hear it through how many people.
this is why i don't trust you.
this is your fault. not mine.
i told you every single time about him. and yet you still lie.
but whatever, i'm glad this is happening.
it just proves to me how unstable you are to have a real relationship.
it just pisses me off.

but don't EVER blame this on me.
don't EVER blame your life choices on me.
i did NOT make you this person.
you chose it for yourself, and i hope you're happy with it.
yours for the taking.

[21 Dec 2007|09:51pm]
so surgery wasn't bad i guess.
and this recovery is going quite well.
i haven't done much in the past few days.
just sit here, sleep, watch tv.
today was pretty active.
i left the house!
i picked out a color for my car because i'm getting it painted!!! =]
i always started on my sugar cookie house.
jess and gma helped.
it's almost finished!
i am excited.

off to more csi.
yours for the taking.

[06 Dec 2007|10:52pm]
i thought we were doing so good.
why do we always go through this?

yours for the taking.

[04 Dec 2007|03:09pm]
winter break is almost here.

i am excited for a month at home.

yay =]
yours for the taking.

[23 Nov 2007|08:38pm]
yours for the taking.

[21 Nov 2007|12:08am]
happy early turkey day =]
yours for the taking.

[14 Oct 2007|07:07pm]
one year. four months.
back together again.

everyone knew.
yours for the taking.

[15 Sep 2007|02:47pm]
People say he's only in my head
Its gonna take time but I'll forget
Say I need to get on with my life
What they don't realize

Is when you're dialing 6 numbers just to hang up the phone
Driving cross town just to see if he's home
Waking a friend in the dead of the night
just to hear him say it's gonna be alright
When you're finding things to do at night, not fall asleep
Know he will be there in your dreams
that's when he's
more than a memory

took a match to everything he ever wrote
watched his words go up in smoke
tore all his pictures off the wall
that aint helping me at all

'Cause when you're talking out loud but nobody's there
you look like hell and you just don't care
you're drinking more than you ever drank
and sinking down lower than you ever sank
then you find yourself falling down upon your knees
praying to God, begging him please
that's when he's
more than a memory
yours for the taking.

[15 Sep 2007|01:58am]
this is the end....

this story's old but it goes on and on until we disappear.

yours for the taking.

[10 Sep 2007|11:42pm]
so sore.
so tired.
so lonely.

i need something new and refreshing.
yours for the taking.

[03 Sep 2007|10:04pm]
yours for the taking.

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